Policies & Warranty

  1. Legal property boundaries and legal fence height must be established by the customer prior to installation. D6 Contracting Ltd. will not be responsible for property line verification and/ or legal height verification. Clients are responsible for establishing where their fence will be located, D6 Contracting will follow the layout or points given to install the fence
  2. D6 Contracting will not be held responsible should home owner or client wish to exceed municipality height restrictions of fence and/or place the fence in a location outside their property boundaries. Back yard fences are to be no higher than 72″ (6 Feet) Front yard fences to be no higher than 48″ (4 feet) as per by law standards. Should a city/ municipality request a fence to be lowered or altered this will be done at an extra cost paid by home owner or client.
  3. Prior to installation, any vegetation or debris obstructing the new fence line is to be pruned and/or cleared 24 inches from the fence on either side.
  4. Homeowner is responsible for notifying D6 Contracting Ltd. of any underground services (i.e. Sprinkler, electric, etc) prior to installation.
  5. All fence posts will be placed approximately 2ft. in the ground and concreted given the terrain allows, unless otherwise specified within quotation.
  6. Fence will be built level and to be stepped to follow contour of landscape, unless otherwise specified within quotation. For sloping ground/grades/yards, gaps will be left visible/open unless fillers have been quoted and outlined.
  7. Customer is responsible for removal and disposal of excess soil from post hole excavation unless otherwise agreed upon and outlined in estimate.


  • As wood is a natural substance, we cannot warranty it against normal seasoning (i.e. Warping, Checking, Cracking, Shrinkage, Expansion, twisting,  Knot Holes (knots coming loose or falling out) for No.1 and No.2 Grade lumber.) Mill grading marks may appear on the lumber in the form of grade stamps or chalk/crayon strokes etc.
  • 1 year warranty is classified as a workmanship warranty this includes the assembly and structure
  • D6 Contracting Will NOT warranty against natural disaster such as Earthquake, Extreme Wind Storms, Tree or Branch falling, Vehicle Damage, Vandalism.


  • In regards to water proofing: D6 contracting sub contracts certified roofing companies to install “Torch on Roofing” and “Water Proofing” systems should the project entail this. These items will be highlighted on your estimate as well as on the signed contract of agreement as “Torch on Roofing” or ” Water Proofing” Warranty for these items will be covered under the roofing companies warranty for their products.
  • For exterior elevated deck projects in which storage areas are located beneath D6 Contracting will install “Slate Surface Roll Rooking granular product” this acts as a membrane on top of plywood and below decking, this how ever is not 100% water tight as it is not a water proofing system nor is it a torch on roofing application, This system allows a semi dry storage. 
  • D6 Contracting will not warranty should home owners wish to:
  • Build on top of existing structures such as re-surfacing decks and using the existing structure. As D6 Contracting did not build the structure we cannot prevent against future rot, decay,structural damage, leaking should home owners or clients wish to re surface. Torch on roofing or Water Proofing System is highly recommended when re surfacing decks and will be outlined in estimate/quotation should home owner wish to have this done. 
  • Fencing: re using existing posts; D6 Contracting cannot warranty the fence as we can not predict the life expectancy left in old posts should rot or decay occur and effect the structural integrity of the fence. New fence posts are always recommended when replacing a fence 
  • We suggest that the customer stain the fence immediately to combat the effects of seasoning.
  • All installations will take place as per quotation/signed contract of agreement. Any additions or deletions will be adjusted and billed at per unit pricing and final invoice may vary from estimate amount.


Staining for Fence and Decks will be subcontracted by a certified staining/painting company. This will be billed separate by the staining company. Warranty will be covered by the staining contractor/company under their policies and warranty. D6 Contracting does not warranty the stain work applied by these Sub Contacted Companies 

 Additional charges

  1. Any vegetation or debris obstructing the new fence line not cleared by the customer will be charged at a rate of $65.00/Hr plus applicable taxes if not specified in estimate/contract.
  2. Any existing concrete footing requiring a jackhammer to remove will be charged at a rate of $75.00/footing for labour and removal unless otherwise specified in estimate/ contract.
  3. Should a home owner/client choose to replace an board or switch a board out, this will be charged at $5.00/ Board. Should this happen after the final walk through, the home owner will be charged a rate of $75.00/Hr plus applicable taxes for the employee to return and do the requested work 

Unforeseen Items:

  1. Items not addressed or pointed out prior to construction by owners or occupants. 
  2. All prices and contracts are subject to change should any unforeseen issue occur
  3. Charges are subject to: an hourly labour rate of $95.00/Hr + applicable taxes as well as delivery and disposal charges for unforeseen items   

Payment Terms as per Contract/Estimate

  1. Payment agreement as outlined in contract/estimate “All accepted estimates are subject to 50% deposit with balance due upon project completion” Final payment is due upon completion of project unless otherwise stated on contract/estimate and agreed upon prior to project start . Late/Tardy payments over 30 days will be subject to 10% late fee based on total project/contract amount.
Project Deposits: 
  1. Project deposits are non refundable  once agreement has been made (Estimate/Project Contract Acceptance) and project start dates have been agreed upon. 
  2. Project Deposits are taken prior to the project start date in order to secure a scheduled start date as well as  to provide materials for the specific project.

Contract Termination 

Work will be done in accordance with outlined Estimate/Contract as per project description outlined. Should a home owner and or client wish to terminate the Estimate/contract at stake, the deposit will be no refundable and work will be charged as to present date of the project.  Extra fees may apply should there be materials to be returned and removed/transported off site.  The invoice will be calculated at the time of termination as to where the project stands at  the present date and will be submitted to the client. Invoices are to be paid upon receiving, invoices that extend the 30 day terms will be charged a 10% late interest charge. Should an invoice not be paid the legal team of D6 Contracting will contact you, a Lien will be placed on the property at hand as well as litigation for the legal matter at stake.

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