D6 Benefits Of Pressure Treated Decking

What Is Pressure Treated Lumber?

If you are currently considering building a deck for your home, you must consider your decking wood options. You will want your deck to last for years with as little upkeep as possible. There are two few kinds of natural wood that have insect and weather resistant properties required to construct an outdoor deck. Cedar and Redwood are the two most commonly used, and both have their advantages. However, it should be noted that even these types of wood will eventually decay and need replacing. A pressure-treatment process can halt this problem by saturating any type of natural wood with anti-insect and anti-aging products that create a wood that is ten times more durable and long lasting than untreated cedar or redwood.  

When wood is pressure treated, it is placed inside of a cylinder or tank that is depressurized and all the air and atmosphere is sucked out of the tank. A wood preservative is then pumped into the depressurized tank, which allows it to penetrate and infuse the wood. 

Protection From The Elements

When wood is pressure treated, the wood is infused with anti fungal and anti-insect preservatives that penetrate deep into the grains and fibers of the wood. This is not to be confused with sealing and coating, because pressure treatment offers  protection from the inside out. In most cases, outdoor decks constructed with pressure treated wood last 15-20 years when maintained. 

Reasonable Costs

A major drawback of using an exotic tropical hardwood or composite material is cost. Depending on the size of your deck, and what you intend to use it for, the cost of these can add up quickly leaving your project spiralling out of control. Pressure treated wood is comparatively affordable and the fact that almost any type of lumber can be pressure treated means that you can choose from a wide variety of woods to suit your exact needs and budget. 

Natural Appearance

One of the criticisms of composite materials is the appearance. Some people love the way it looks, others simply prefer the real thing. Both are excellent options, and again it is all about personal taste. Many homeowners prefer pressure treated wood because it retains an attractive, natural appearance throughout the treatment process and never loses the natural lustre of real wood. 

Which Is Best For You?

When it is time to build your new deck, or for that matter, replace your old one, you are spoiled for choice. You have a wide variety of choices from pressure treated wood, to cedar, redwood and modern composite material. Really at the end of the day it all depends on your budget, and what you prefer. There really is no wrong answer, just be sure to do your research and make a choice that makes you happy and build a deck that you will be proud to show off to the neighbors and family. 

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