D6 Benefits Of A Cedar Fence

If you need a new fence, or are looking to replace an old one that has seen better days, you would be well advised to consider a cedar fence as a viable options. Cedar is a favorite among home builders and owners for its outstanding looks, reasonable costs, minimal maintenance and long lifespan. 


Cedar is a great choice because it is extremely durable and will typically outlast other wood varieties and it will withstand the harshest Canadian weather conditions and will also maintain its great appearance and retain its shape. Additionally, cedar is able to change its moisture content to match the atmosphere it’s in. A cedar fence will generally outlast fences made from softer, less durable wood, such as pine. In addition to its inherent durability, the natural oils present within the wood will help to deter insect damage and rotting.This results in very low maintenance and upkeep costs which over the years offset the initial cost when you first build your fence. 


Many people overlook the importance of aesthetics when they are choosing a fence. This is very much to their detriment because oftentimes a great looking fence is one of the first things a person will notice when they visit your home. Additionally, a great looking fence adds to your curb appeal and ultimately adds value to your home. Cedar fences are exceptionally pleasing to the eye, and they are a great addition when you want to enhance the look of your property. You can leave the cedar raw and untreated, choose to have it stained. 


Cedar fences are built to maximize privacy. The cedar boards are used as a solid wooden structure, which allows for high walls and no large holes, for nosey neighbors to peep through and also helps with blocking sound. Cedar also allows you the creative ability to construct a fence in any number of shapes and designs so you can have as much privacy as you need. 

Temperature Control

It is a little known yet important fact that when you build a durable, sturdy fence, cedar fence, the perimeter will act as an air pocket that insulates your yard. This allows for a moderate form of temperature control and that translates into a cooler yard during the summer, and a warmer yard during the winter. 

A properly installed cedar fence will look great for a long time. Not only does the wood resist the harsh Canadian weather, but it will also maintain its shape and appearance whereas many other types of wood tend to warp or shrink over time, cedar tends to retain its shape and size beautifully.

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