D6 Benefites Of Cedar Decking

Cedar is one of the most ubiquitous materials for Canadians when they want to build a new deck. A cedar deck is a wonderful addition to any home as it not only contributes more usable square footage in the backyard, but also creates a gathering place for family and friends.

Cedar Decking Types

If you are currently thinking about adding a cedar deck to your home, you will first want to familiar yourself with your options. There are two main types of cedar decking including untreated and treated. Most cedar decking is untreated because due to the nature of cedar wood, it contains a natural resistance to moisture, weathering and pest infection. However, some homeowners prefer treated cedar so that they can ensure the longevity because pressure treated cedar is treated with chemicals to increase its resistance to moisture and insects.

Cedar decking boards are usually sold in lengths of six feet and thicknesses of four to six inches. The manufacturers offer coordinating poles that are used in tandem with the decking for building purposes. Although cedar is usually used as the finished visible surface, it generally isn’t used for framing. 

If you wish to add a little extra design flair, cedar decking can easily be painted, however, most homeowners simply leave it natural or seal the wood. Cedar looks great all on its own, and most homeowners choose cedar for the charm of the wood alone. 

Which Cedar Decking to Choose

When you choose a type of cedar, you should consider how your new deck will be used, and how frequently you will use it. If your deck is going to be used as a walking and entertaining surface, it is advised to select the highest quality possible to ensure durability and strength of the material. However, if your cedar decking will be most used for sitting surfaces and for rail pieces, you can go with a lower grade.

Cedar Decking Benefits

Cedar decking is one of the most popular choices for many reasons. It is durable, it is weather and pest resistant, it looks amazing and it compliments just about every home exterior design. 

You would have a difficult time finding a more beautiful decking option on the market. While redwood is certainly beautiful in its own way and has benefits of its own, cedar decking has a lush colour that perfectly complements any outdoor project.

Additionally, if you’re not in love with the look of raw cedar, that’s great too. Cedar takes stain like a champ, and you can always choose from a wide array of amazing colours from any number of manufacturers. 

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